Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well today was the big move. The day we got on to the meat of the trip. We've finished with all these hoity toity hotels and such and are now spending $45 less per night than we were, staying in a hostel.
I'm suspicious that we might have intimidated some people in the kitchen with our stuffed peppers. They were awesome.

The rest of the day seemed to involve a lot of walking up and down hills. The best part was that it was only going up the first time that we had our massive packs on. The rest was slightly less painful.

We're now members of the AA and have applied for tax ID (IRD) numbers as well. I tried to get my drivers licence switched but because I got a new IL card just before I left there is no evidence that I've been driving for more than a few weeks. :( So I'll need to see if Jesse White can help me produce some kind of documentation to prove that I have driving experience and so avoid needing to do a road test down here. I can of course still drive on my US licence for a year but it would be nice to have an NZ licence if only to have some additional documentation that includes an address etc.

Yesterday was a moderatly slow day, as we only got out around noon and ... actually I'm not quite sure what we did for the afternoon. I do remember that it was good. Then we watched the Fuji Grand Prix (F1)... wow such an exciting start!

Saturday we hardly moved at all. Played Pokémon most of the day infact. and watched abut 6 episodes of the simpsons followed by the second half of Ratatouile. (I think it's a great movie.)

Friday hmmm.. blanking there again. I beleiev we spend either fri or thursday mooching off of S&Y's hospitality/internet again and looking at cars.

Made some banking progress on the wire transfer front as well. I think I sent money to myself. if not there will be someone else who is very excited in the next couple days!

We've also done Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Experience and the Auckland Museum in the past week which were also fun!

but as you might be guessing... I'm not remembering well, so I'll take some time to get to work on a journal so I have some notes next time I do this. :) Really. it might happen.

Now off to find another hill to walk up!

Oh and happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

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