Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update Time!

Damn I am bad at doing this with any regularity.

S should have some photos up soon from the last little while. as should I.

Since my last post the most significant thing we've done is go to an All Blacks vs Italy rugby match. which was awesome! even though the Italian food stalls had closed by the time we got to the pre-game street fair.

Besides that we've been trying to save money because we're back into the hardcore job hunt mode. The plan is to find work (ideally that pays us tons) here in chch taking advantage of weekends and other time off to get out and around the parts of the south island that we've not yet explored as much as we'd like to. Then Nov/Dec we'll head up to Wellington to do some house sitting and enjoy spring in the capital (possibly with more work). Jan will hopefully be travelling/camping/tramping/sitting on beaches, followed by more of the same but with some more housesitting up near Gisbourne and hopefully going bush for a week or 2 near Ruatahuna. That should take us through to march/april again when we'll need to start panicking about only having 4 months left on S' visa.

and really that's about it. Time to apply for some more jobs and then.... well I don't know. Maybe go out for dinner (or at least groceries) and then finish off the "How I Met Your Mother" that we got from our Czech friends back when we were apple picking.

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