Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving on...

Wow... that's even less posting than I thought I'd done this year. :)


but with luck I should be able to post a little more frequently now. We'll see though.. because there were supposed to be 2 new ones for the past week or so... but they're not showing up.

Anyway, How about a quick rundown of the last few months, eh?

January was spend largely with my sister giving her a quick greatest hits tour of the country. Much awesomeness on a route that took us from Christchurch to Paihia and then back to Auckland.
February started with a jaunt down to Hawke's Bay area to see about finding some work. We did, picking at an organic apple orchard in Havelock North. But with 2 weeks to kill we went back up to Auckland to meet M&D for a couple of weeks travelling around with them. Then we settled into our orange poptop 70's caravan on the orchard where we have been living since the middle of february. Now it's nearly may and most of the apples are off and much of the money is gone, but we've got about 2 more days of work before we dash back to the south island Marlborough Sounds for a little R&R/cleaning and bed making before the winter sets in.

All very exciting and I'll even flesh it out some more with what details I can recall when I have a little more time. Really ;)

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